This is an opportunity for you to create an aesthetically pleasing Kansas environment on the walls of your facility.  Whether you choose from the portfolio of available images or arrange for custom landscape shoot of your local area you are bringing the beauty of Kansas inside for your patients and visitors to enjoy and to make them feel at home.

How do we get from start to finish….

1. Set up a free consultation to discuss your vision and needs
2. Develop a master plan for the artwork and finalize a budget
3. Review where the images will be placed throughout the facility
4. Select available images or schedule custom photo trips
5. Use software to see how the final project will look on the facility walls
6. Finalize the order and send to printer
7. Schedule installation date
8. Install and finish the project

It will be my pleasure to work with you from beginning to end to make the decorating of your facility as easy as possible.  Contact me to schedule your free consultation. 785.532.9399 or [email protected]